Progressive Metal Stamping

Progressive metal stamping molds and shapes metal parts using a sequence of dies. This method is well-known for its ability to create large quantities of complicated components while maintaining consistent quality and precision. As a result, it is a superior choice in the automotive, aerospace and electronic industries. Integral Manufacturing provides high-quality progressive metal stamping services in Southwest Ohio. We guarantee that our progressive metal stamping services meet the requirements of the different industries we cater to.

Progressive Metal Stamping Process

Progressive metal stamping employs a die sequence to shape and mold a metal coil into the required object with great precision and accuracy. Here’s how the procedure works:
  • Metal Preparation: The metal coil is run through a straightener to ensure it is flat and smooth.
  • Stamping Press: The metal strip is fed into a stamping press, which holds several dies organized in stations. Each station cuts the metal strip to the necessary length, punches holes, or bends it to the desired shape.
  • Final Production: The finished product is ejected from the stamping press, and if necessary, it undergoes additional finishing procedures like coating or painting.

Types of Progressive Metal Stamping Operations

In a progressive metal stamping process, procedures may be combined to make complex parts with exact forms and dimensions. Some of the most common techniques include:
  • Piercing: cutting a hole or slot in the metal
  • Bending: forming the metal into a specific shape or angle
  • Drawing: pulling the metal into a specific shape or geometry
  • Blanking: cutting the metal into a specific shape or size
  • Coining: creating a raised or embossed feature on the metal
  • Flanging: forming a flange or lip on the edge of the metal

Benefits of Progressive Metal Stamping

There are several benefits to using progressive metal stamping as a manufacturing process. Here are some of the key advantages:
  • Increases productivity: Progressive metal stamping is an effective technology that swiftly produces many components, making it a great alternative for mass production applications.
  • Promotes uniformity: The use of dies in this process guarantees that each item produced is similar to the previous one, ensuring quality and precision consistency.
  • Enhances versatility: This method may be used in various industrial applications, creating a wide range of products, from those with simple forms to goods with intricate geometries.
  • Reduces expenses: Progressive metal stamping is frequently more cost-effective than other production methods. It takes less workforce and machinery, and parts may be manufactured faster, lowering total manufacturing costs.
  • Improves durability and strength: This method produces parts with precise tolerances, which means they fit together better and are more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Facilitates customization: The use of flexible tools and dies enables rapid and easy modification to make complex components that match the demands of many industries.

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